Brennan McAuliffe



Owner/Operator Brennan McAuliffe has a long history in the food service industry. For 8 years he managed a locally owned restaurant specializing in pizzas and sandwiches.  During this time, he gained an appreciation for the business model put forth by the restaurant’s owners.  Brennan believes firmly in the necessity of an excellent work ethic, high standards of production, and the use of only quality ingredients in order to make delicious food.  Complementing his culinary experiences, Brennan has worked in a number of other restaurants ranging from small cafes to a position as sous chef in a fine dining establishment. Brennan is highly motivated and eager to share his vision of the craft sandwich movement with Northern Colorado.  


After graduating with a degree in Marketing from Grand Valley State University in 2011, Allison coupled her professional business knowledge with her lifelong love of food to gain experience with a variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes across Michigan and Northern Colorado.  Along the way, Allison has studied an array of topics ranging from nutrition to craft beer brewing, and she hopes to expand her knowledge by someday attending culinary school.  She spends most of her free time "researching"...both by experimenting in her own kitchen as well as trying out new places to eat and drink locally.  

Allison Ziraldo